Karen Holik

Karen is an eight-time AKC/USA World Team Member, Gold Medalist at the World Agility Open (England), a four-time National Champion at the United States Dog Agility World Championships, and a Silver Medalist at the prestigious FCI World Agility Championships (Austria).  She has also been a Finalist at National Events here in the United States with each of her dogs (past and present) over the past 20 years.

Karen began participating in dog agility in 1992 when she started training her Chow/Sheltie mix, Simon.  She loves training dogs of all motivation levels.  Her success with many breeds demonstrates her effectiveness.  She believes that all dogs can be taught to run to their full potential and agility should be a team sport and fun for the dog at all times.  She believes the most important aspects of agility training are teaching the fundamentals and being consistent with your handling at all times.

Karen currently owns 5 dogs (two Shelties and three Border Collies).  She teaches private/group lessons and classes in Brandon, Florida. She also travels the United States, as well as Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Mexico and Costa Rica, giving seminars.