OneMind Dogs Tools for Handling Seminar

Tools for Handling from Your Dog’s Perspective

Make the best new year’s promise to your pup! Learn to understand your dog’s language and kick off the new year of agility in a workshop with OneMind Dogs Coaches and Assistant Coaches from Finland and the United States.

Who is it for ?

If your dog can sequence jumps and tunnels, and you want some tools to better understand what your dog is thinking – and handle her accordingly – then this is for you! We will give you solutions to help you successfully complete the most common challenges seen in agility courses today.

What will you learn ?

Learn how to execute several highly effective OneMind Dogs techniques – from the basics, all the way to sequencing in various scenarios. You will see where these techniques can be applied on course and work out the best timing and handling for you and your dog. We will help you feel like a team on the course, and teach you how to communicate with your dog so you can be truly connected.

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