Email Lessons/Video Consultation, North Carolina

Just another Thank You so VERY much!  Our year ended real good!!  2 DQ’s with Billie both  first place. Since I started with you I have gotten 14 of my 15 DQ’s and my Q rate has shot through the roof.  My first email to you I had said “All I want to do is get a stinking Q!”  Now look at us, with each trial Billie is getting more confident, which shows in our placements!

Deb Schweers


Power Paws Agility Camp, California

In April of 2006 I attended Karen Holik’s workshop on “Preparing for a National Event” which she presented at the Power Paws Camp in California.  Although I was somewhat reticent to attend the workshop (we had not even qualified for Nationals and I felt that even if we did qualify, we would never be able to be competitive), I did so and Karen made everyone in the group feel welcome and encouraged us to take advantage of the opportunity to compete in a national event.

I listened carefully to her presentation, made copious notes, and followed the outline religiously.  I began physical training for myself, made a training schedule for both my dog and myself, searched out mental management assistance… I did everything she said would be important.  She had convinced me that the process of preparing for the event would make us a better team whether we competed at Nationals or not.

Before Power Paws Camp Maggie and I had earned 6 QQs and about 400 MACH points in 18 months of trials at Excellent B level.  Right after Power Paws Camp we qualified for the AKC Nationals at a local trial and I began following Karen’s advice.  From that time (April 2006) up until AKC Nationals at the end of March 2007, we earned 19 QQs, our 1st MACH, and over 800 MACH points!  We were also the first in the state to qualify for the 2008 AKC Nationals.

On the way to Nationals in Ohio, I pulled out my well-worn notes from Karen’s workshop and reviewed her advice again.  I had just learned that there would be 300 teams in the 20” class!  But Karen’s words kept coming back to me and I managed to stay focused on the task at hand.  I could hear her saying, “Don’t stand there and watch your beautiful dog run!” every time I stepped into the ring.  No one was more surprised than I was to learn on the last day of Nationals that we had finished at No. 38!  What a thrill!  I knew I would be taking the best dog home with me again!!!

Thanks again, Karen.  You have not only helped me achieve my agility goals, you have caused me to become a lifetime believer in personal fitness….. a life changing event.

Sherry Swanson

MACH Maggie XF

Edmond, Oklahoma


Agility Classes in Sarasota, Florida

Karen.  I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the last few months.  I really have enjoyed both the classes and our private lessons with you and Nancy.  You are an excellent teacher.  I had all but given up on Tristan and his bar knocking but I see it is mostly my fault and I will be working on staying out of his way.  I wish I could win the lottery so I could take more lessons but that is not going to happen (I don’t even buy lottery tickets).  You are a real asset to the club and this area.  Have a good summer.  Good luck at all of your trials.

Linda Woodbury – Logan and Tristan

Sarasota, Florida


Agility Classes in Sarasota, Florida

I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I am enjoying working with you…. You are tough and kind at the same time.  You have an excellent way of finding the good stuff, but you don’t let me get away with whining about “It’s too hard” Thank you!  Keep pushing me !!

Becca is a really nice dog and I totally appreciate you helping me realize hers and mine potential.  I feel we have come quite a way as a working team (still have a way to go :):))

Bye for now, Nancy and Becca TD AX OAJ RN – 2 yrs old and counting……..


AKC/USA World Team 2007 – Switzerland

At this time you might be on your way already, but I know you will get this message.  On behalf of the good agility people of Puerto Rico, our best wishes to the AKC/USA Team at the World Championships.  We would have loved to be there competing in good sportsmanship spirit against the USA team, shaking hands and celebrating triumphs on each team.  It will not be this year, but it might be the next one.  Meantime our best wishes to you and all the participants in the Championship.

A very special recognition to one of your team members, Karen Holik.  This lady has provided Puerto Rico, and the good agility people of our island, a big chunk of her experience, and expertise.  Ms. Holik has answered yes whenever we have asked her for help, with enthusiasm and without conditions.  She is one of the most important reasons why we have dogs and handlers that can represent us with dignity in the USA and any other part in the world.  She has been a tutor to handlers, show secretaries, scribers, timers, course builders and judges in Puerto Rico.  She embodies the true sprit of AKC and is one of your best ambassadors anywhere.  The fact that she is on the team is a matter of pride for us too. Sharon, to you, who have believed in us at Caribe Kennel Club, to Karen who has helped us so much, and to all the members of the AKC/USA Team, GodSpeed!

Jaime S. Ramirez

Caribe Kennel Club and Puerto Rico Agility Team


Private Agility Lessons, North Carolina

I’m thrilled to have Karen as my instructor!  Karen is not only an excellent handler and dog trainer; she is a fabulous problem solver, instructor and coach. She assessed our performance and gave me clear, step-by-step instruction so that I could return to North Carolina and continue our progress.  She also helped us develop our teamwork so that my pup competes confidently and joyfully.

Denise Kilpatrick, North Carolina


Agile Canines Agility Camp, Minnesota

Viva and I just got back from the 2007 AKC Agility Invitational, where she was one of the first two Icelandic Sheepdogs to compete nationally in the U.S. for anything, and need to thank you for what a great weekend we had. Viva ran clean in all four of the qualifying rounds, made it into the finals, and finished seventh in the 16” jump height category.  She ended up as the Top Dog in the Miscellaneous/FSS group for the weekend as well, based on her cumulative score and times.  I owe you in particular for our success with two challenging weave pole entries and more than one tricky exit – I trusted Viva and stayed out of her way at the entries thanks to your weave pole sessions at Agile Canines Camp.  You and Sizzle are an inspiration, and you are both tremendous teachers.  Thank you so much for your patience and your enthusiasm and your willingness to work with green and not-so-green teams alike.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a wonderful 2008.

Kathryn Ananda-Owens

Northfield, Minnesota