Critical Skills For Your Up & Coming Performance Dog

Critical Skills is an 8-week online course, with a new lesson each week with instructor Karen Holik

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Ready to begin training your new puppy? This class focuses on the foundation skills that are essential for a successful career in agility. While it is ideal to learn these skills as a puppy, this is also a great class for dogs who may have missed some foundational skills or dogs sidelined from the ring who need mental stimulation without stressing their bodies.

Lessons include attention games and games to teach your dog to love to learn. You and your puppy will discover how to play together constructively while developing critical skills such as forward focus, directionals, wraps, turns on the flat and more. We will cover a variety of topics including heel work, come to side, using food and toys as rewards, and sending to targets/food/toys.

This course is suitable for dogs ages 6 months and up. It is a great introduction to fundamental skills for young performance prospects and dogs of any age. It is also suitable for many experienced competition dogs that may have some gaps in their foundation training.

Equipment and space needed:

  • 3 jumps
  • Training area that’s at least 20′ x 45′