Online Puppy Class – Information

Online Puppy Class (or refresher for older dogs needing more Foundation work)  running for 8 weeks taught by Karen Holik.

Registration IS OPEN. This class available at any time as an 8 week self-study course. 

Working Spots are Available at Any Time on a Limited Basis – Email Karen For More Information

Online Puppy Foundation Class – 8 Week Course, New Lessons Each Week – Karen Holik, Instructor

Ready to begin training your new puppy? Have an older dog with gaps in his foundation training or a bored or frustrated dog who needs to engage his mind?

Appropriate for dogs ages four months and up, this class will focus on foundation skills essential for a successful career in agility. While it is ideal to learn these skills as a puppy, this is also a great class for dogs who may have missed some foundational skills or those sidelined from the ring who need to stimulate their minds without compromising their bodies.

Lessons will include attention games and games to teach your dog to love to learn. You and your puppy will discover how to play together constructively while developing fundament skills including focus forward, directionals, wraps, turns on the flat and more. We will cover a variety of topics including heel work, come to side, using food/toys as rewards, and sending to targets/food/toys.

Participants post videos and comments and receive feedback directly from me, and they can follow the progress of their classmates for additional insights.

Please send payment via Zelle or Venmo to: (630) 251-1557

Working Spots  ($250)

Auditing spots with capability to review all lessons and ask questions. ($150)

Auditing spots with capability to review all lessons. ($125)