Online Ninja Weave Pole Training

New Online Ninja Weave Pole Class starts
Wednesday, August 2, 2023. 

Registration is OPEN at Clean Run Learning Center.

Ninja Weaves is a 16 week online course, comprised of 8 lessons total, with a lesson every other week,
taught by Karen Holik.

Registration for April class is now open.
Registration for June session will open soon – check the link below for updates: 

Click here for Registration Information.

Limited working spots available.  Unlimited auditing spots. Reserve your spot today. 

This class will focus on weave poles from basic through advanced skills. It is appropriate for all levels – from true beginners to competition-level dogs looking to proof skills or correct gaps in training. Lessons begin with an introduction to the weaves and build up to advanced skills and drills. Emphasis is on independence, reliability, speed, entries, exits, and discriminations. This is a sixteen-week course with a new lesson every two weeks. Participants post videos and comments and receive feedback directly from me, and they can follow the progress of their classmates for additional insights.

Course Objective: Reliable, independent weaves with confidence and speed

Equipment Needed:

  • Channel weave poles (set of 12). The channels are only recommended for the first few weeks, so if you do not have a set, consider borrowing them. After that, a standard set of weave poles will suffice.  Stick in the ground weave poles would also work well.
  • Weave pole guide wires
  • One tunnel
  • One jump
  • Toys and Treats and a Great Attitude!