Online Ninja Weave Pole Training

Online Ninja Weaves Class

Ninja Weaves is a 16-week online course taught by Karen Holik through the Clean Run Learning Center. The course is comprised of 8 lessons total, with a new lesson every other week. It is also available for self-study at any time with a standard registration. 

Limited working spots available. Unlimited auditing spots. 

Course Objective: Reliable, independent weaves with confidence and speed

Equipment Needed:

  • Channel weave poles (set of 12). The channels are only recommended for the first few weeks, so if you do not have a set, consider borrowing them. After that, a standard set of weave poles will suffice.  Stick in the ground weave poles would also work well.
  • Weave pole guide wires
  • One tunnel
  • One jump
  • Toys and treats and a great attitude!

In this video filmed during a live seminar, Karen coaches handlers and their dogs through training skills, drills, and homework to address some of the most common weave pole performance problems.

Topics covered include

  • Dog popping out of the weaves when the handler attempts a blind and/or front cross
  • Dog entering at the incorrect pole, especially from challenging entries, including the 90-degree approach for on-side entry
  • Distractions and handler distance from the weave poles

The dog’s footwork in the weave poles is also addressed.